Cold Drawn Mild Bright Steel Bars

 Section / Size Rate Rs/MT  MOQ 
Rounds Dia 6mm to 11.5mm / 1/4" to 7/16" 56,000 5MT
Rounds Dia 16mm to 25mm / 5/8" to 1" 55,000 5MT 
Rounds Dia 26mm to 49mm / 1.1/32" to 1.5/16" 55,500 5MT 
Rounds Dia 50mm to 64mm / 1.31/32" to 2.1/2" 56,000 5MT 

Prices are only for our standard sizes. Rates are ex-factory. P&F extra. GST extra. Our standard finish & tolerance is 'Cold Drawn' & 'h11' . 

All materials are offered in machine polished and machine straightened condition. Cut-to-length material is offered against detailed enquiry

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* Discounts and offers are subject to material being available. The offers can be withdrawn without any prior information being given. 

MS Bright Bar - Mild Steel Bright Bar