Dia 2mm to 200mm Bright Steel Round Bars Manufacturing Factory in India

Cold Drawn Bright Bars Steel Rounds

Size Range Dia 2mm to 64mm Bright Bars in Straightened & Polished condition. 64mm to 200mm against order.
Tolerance 'h11'. Against enquiry 'h9' can be offered. 
Straightness 1:1000 for Low Carbon, 2:1000 for Medium Carbon Steel Bright bars
Ovality / Roundness Maximum ovality will be less than half of tolerance
Lengths Bar to Bar: Maximum of 8200mm. Wire to Bar: Maximum 3,350mm. Cut-to-length bars can be offered against specific enquiry
Standard Generally offered conforming to IS:9550
Ends One or both ends can be offered in sheared or cold saw cut and/or chamfered condition and/or deburred condition
Colour Coding Both ends are colour coded for easy identification. Buyer's colours can also be applied.
Rust Preventive  Bright Bars are coated with Rust Preventive
Packing Loose or Bundled with tie strings or wire and / or packed in chosen packing material 
Application Machining - Lathe, Automat, Traub, CNC, Spare Parts, Electroplating, Galvanizing, etc
Steel Standards Steels covered by AISI, SAE, ASTM, BS, ISO, JIS, DIN, GB, GOST, UNE, AFNOR, UNI, SIS, DNV, IS, EN, etc are offered.
Grades Carbon Steels, Mild Steel & Low Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Free Machining Steels, Spring Steels, Bearing Steels, CHQ & Boron Steels, etc
Custom Finishes Based on specific requirements, we can offer Drawn or Peeled & Drawn, Drawn & Ground finish
Test Report Test Certificates for Chemical, Mechanical and Physical properties as per agreement for Raw Material and for Bright Bars by Raw Material Manufacturer, NABL approved Test Labs. 
Traceability As per agreement, copies of purchase documents, MTCs, Transport Receipts, Tags, etc are offered for complete transparency and traceability. 
Inspection Reports Internal and external Third Party Inspection reports offered as per agreement
Custom Properties Upon prior agreement, we can offer Bright Bars with specific properties / ranges for constituent elements, mechanical properties and metallurgical properties.
In-process checks Based on agreements, Gauges, Checks, Tests, Sampling with specified frequency is offered.