Customised special steel shapes - regular irregular sections profiles

Profile Bright Bar, Special Sections, Shaped Bars

Size Range Maximum: 1600 Sq mm. 
Process Drawn or Machined & Drawn
Shape /Corners / Edges/ Sides As per drawing including Squares / Flats with Rounded corners, Flats with taper or Bevelled edges, Half Rounds / D, Shaft with keyways, Rounds with slots / keyway, Ovals, etc
Tolerance 'h11'
Straightness 4:1000 for Low Carbon, 6:1000 for Medium Carbon Steels 
Lengths Bar to Bar: Maximum of 8200mm. Wire to Bar: Maximum 1,500mm. Cut-to-length bars can be offered against specific enquiry
Standard Bright Bars are generally offered conforming to IS:9550
Ends One or both ends can be offered in sheared or cold saw cut
Colour Coding Both ends are colour coded for easy identification
Rust Preventive  Bright Bars are coated with Rust Preventive
Packing Loose or Bundled with tie strings or wire and / or packed in chosen packing material
Application Profile Bright Bar is suitable for machining or using as it is. 

Contact us today with your drawings and specifications for more details. 

Profile Bright Bar, Special Sections, Symmetrical, Unsymmetrical Shapes, Taper Flat, Half Round, Oval, Grooved Shaft, Flat Square Keyway