Bright Bars or Steel Bright Bars are steel or metal bars that are produced by either one or a combination of cold finishing processes. The processes outlined below are known as Cold Finish processes or the the end products are known as cold finished because there is no or very little heat applied in the entire operation of converting these from hot rolled bars (also known as black bars) to Cold Finished Bright Steel Bars or Bright Steel Bars.

Some of the cold finishing processes are - 

  • Cold Drawing - Generally applicable to solid bars, wire rods, tubes and pipes
  • Turning & Polishing - Generally applicable to solid bars, tubes & pipes and bars made from wires.
  • Grinding - Generally used for processing solid bars or wire converted to bar form
  • Cold Rolling - Generally for pipes and solid bars. 

bright steel bars - rounds, squares, flats, hexagonals, special shapes and sectionscold drawn steel hexagonal bars