Grade Products Supply Condition Applications
070M55 , 080A40, 080A47, 080M50, 150M36, 35C8, C35Mn75, 36Mn5, 37Mn2, 37C15, 45C8, 60C6, 65C6, 80C6, C14, C35, C50, C55, C55, C67, CK15, CK38, CK45, CK55, CK75, EN15,15A, EN15B, EN32B, EN42, EN42B, EN43, EN43B, EN43C, EN8, EN8A, EN8B, EN8C, EN8D, EN9, SAE 1015, SAE 1016, SAE 1018, SAE 1035, SAE 1038, SAE 1040, SAE 1045, SAE 1050, SAE 1055, SAE 1055, SAE 1065, SAE 1074, SAE 1536, SAE 1541, SMn438 Rolled - Rounds, Flats, Squares, Hexagonals, Wire Rods, Sheets & Plates

Forged - Rounds, Flats, Squares

As Rolled, Annealed, Normalised, Stress relieved, Quenched &Tempered, Hardened & Tempered,

Coated, Phosphated, Oiled, Pickled etc,

Bright Bars - Cold Drawn, Peeled, Ground, Rough Turned (Proof Machined), Drawn Wire



On specific demand and feasibility, grades to other specifications, special sizes, sections and supply condition can be offered including in blooms, billets - rolled as well as continuous cast, slabs, ingots, etc.